Design + Translation = One happy bunny.

Got to say.
I like all this translating stuff.

The design industry always tends to attract the same kind of people.
The laid-back, anti-establishment, sarcastic, heavy-drinking, adventurous kind of people.
I like that.
Since coming back I sought something else.
Something to challenge me.
Something to enable me to use my Japanese.


I geared up with a friend and so far we've done two fast turn-around translation jobs. I have also done a couple of translation jobs solo via Gengo. Gengo isn't the greatest, but it builds up experience and enables you to translate real things for real people in real time. Not only does it broaden my language ability in both Japanese and English, it also broadens my knowledge - we have to understand what we are translating before we attempt to translate it.

And then theres the arguments.

Theres always one sentence which can be read a thousand ways.
Theres always one.

Translation wont ever become my day job.
But its a decent side job.

Design + Translation = One happy bunny.

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