Kanto vs Kansai

"People in Kanto are cold."
"The food is saltier in Kanto."
"People in Kanto don't say what they mean."
"People in Kanto don't smile."
"Don't use Kansai-ben in Tokyo. People will judge you."

When people in Kansai found out I was moving to Kanto I was met with worried looks and was faced with all kinds of stereotypical comments. 

"People in Kanto stand on the wrong side of the escalator."
"Kanto parents let their kids run wild. They call it "giving them space to grow". I call it lack of parenting."
"Kanto kids grow up too fast. In Kansai, kids can be kids."
"Kanto people have no sense of humour. If you pretend to shoot them, they just stand there looking at you like your dumb. They need to lighten up!"
"There's earthquakes every day in Kanto."
"The bread is cut too thin in Kanto."

I've lived in Japan for around 5 years (in total). The first 1.5 years were in Kanto. The other 3.5 years were in Kansai. When I told my friends in Tokyo I was going to work in Kansai all those years ago, I was faced with the same stereotypical responses...

"Osaka is full of yakuza and bike gangs. It's dangerous there. Be careful."
"People in Kansai only care about money."
"People in Kansai are plain rude."
"I hope you can haggle."
"Kansai people believe a woman's place should be in the kitchen. You won't get any promotions whilst in Kansai."
"People from Kansai are not very sophisticated."
"People from Kansai plaster themselves in make up and wear loud clothes. They all speak louder too. They must be all colour blind and deaf."

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