today. 6 july. first proper day off in a long time.
sure, there's things to be done, but nothing is urgent anymore.
i can sit back and relax.

well.... kind of.

when i left college all those 7 years ago, i left looking forward to a bit of a break before starting work. a week after leaving, i found a full-time job. that was my break out the window.

now i've officially 100% finished uni, and i'm looking forward to a bit of a break. so what do i do? i've got myself a job. starting a week today. full-time. thats my break out the window. again.

its a job. it pays money. its not amazing. its a design company but they use word to design. yup, its gonna be fun! >_< but hey, its only for a bit. and the people there seemed great.

photos above are of the D&AD show at earls court.
it was such a great experience and i've already decided that all being well, expect me to be there next year. as a visitor next time ....or who knows... maybe as a industry person... ;p

i may have gotten myself a job, but i'm still floating.
keeping my options open.
keeping my hopes up for that internship...

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Jingle さんのコメント...

Good luck K! Congrats for your job. Still going to do the TEFL course?

karekora さんのコメント...

I will definately do the TEFL course, but I might have to delay it a little. They said it would be OK for me to delay it. Just waiting and seeing...