Not a happy blogger.

Part of my coursework for University is to do a report. This report has to be submitted in January, although we had an option to hand in a draft 2 weeks ago. Not everybody submitted a draft as they didn't have time. I also found it hard to submit the draft as we have a ridiculous amount of work to do, but wanted feedback so literally didn't sleep for a weekend trying to get it done to a standard that I was happy with. I handed it in on time.

This draft was supposed to be returned to us last week, but my reliable teachers kept delying their feedback date. (And to think they lecture us about missing deadlines...) Today, finally we could get our feedback. All the reports were left in an open cardboard box in a room which is very often empty. Everybody went to this room to collect their reports at different times today, due to whenever they managed to speak with the teacher about their design proposals. By the time I got to the box there were only 3 reports left in the box. None of them were mine.

The teacher was adamant that he did mark it and he did put it in the box. He told me my preliminiary grade but couldn't remember his feedback. I asked if I could send my report again to him - after all, why should I be penalised for him loosing my work? He responded "Oh what?! You want me to read it again?!" I returned to the box and looked around but my report had gone. I spoke to someone else about this and they confirmed - they did see my report in the box earlier this morning. Which only leads my mind to one thing.

Somebody stole my work.

It was very clearly my work - my report was different to the rest as it had a cover with my name clearly printed on it. Maddening, especially as it is a draft - they can plagiarise my ideas in my report for their own and submit it for their final grade. If the teacher then reads mine second, I might be seen as the plagiariser.

Not a happy student.

So much work in the past has gone missing from my course because of work not being returned to students in a professional manner. A cardboard box in an empty room is not good enough. Anybody can walk away with anyones work. Unfortunately London just isn't the place for the teachers naive trust.


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Jingle さんのコメント...

Gosh, there's always at least one person who ruins it for everyone. Have you told your tutor? If not, the head of department? Perhaps you could try and persuade the tutor to keep marked work in his office, or to return it during seminars? By the sound of your tutors, it's probably unlikely to happen, but at least you have tried and made the tutors aware of the situation.

The only thing now is to make your assignment so brilliant, that even a lowly plagarist won't affect you. You can do it!

karekora さんのコメント...

Haha! I'll try my best although I doubt I can... :)