Gaijin-only car introduced in Nagoya

According to Metropolis, Nagoya has introduced a 'Gaijin-only' car similar to the 'Women-only' cars already available. I worry about this response by Japanese and foreigners alike:
Following the success of women-only cars in reducing cases of groping and harassment, the city of Nagoya has announced a controversial plan to introduce gaijin-only cars on its subway network next month. Officials have taken the step in response to escalating complaints from commuters, both foreign and Japanese. “I’m tired of being stared at like a freak in a zoo,” said one American passenger who requested anonymity. “I just want to read my newspaper without being gawped at and asked for free English practice.” Local housewife Yoko Kimura, 36, said, “I worry all the time about what will happen if my children are in the same car as a gaijin. They might catch foreign diseases, or might even become gaijin themselves.” Some foreign commuters, however, have voiced their disapproval. “I don’t care if it’s motivated by racism or not,” one Scottish teacher said. “I just like having three seats to myself. Now I’ll have to sit pressed up to everyone else, awkwardly avoiding eye contact.”
If it ever gets introduced to Tokyo, I think I'll have to avoid that car...

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Koji さんのコメント...

must be stupid plan. I just thought boring joke like April fool. Metropolis sometimes contained strange artikles sort of ostentatious. I don't think there are actual complaints from commuters like that.
But, I sympathize they are often forced to be english teacher.

karekora さんのコメント...

Hi Koji
Maybe it is a fake story... I can't believe that people would make comments like that today...
Thanks for introducing me to the designer job on mixi! :)

Christiopher さんのコメント...

Hmm, it's from a column called the "negi"; inspired by The Onion I wonder?

Nick さんのコメント...

must be fake :) i ride the Nagoya subway all the time and noone really stares or asks for english practise :). Thats not even that many foreigners on the subway :P

btw how's it going karen?


Nick さんのコメント...

also whoever stars in that video should be shot!

Papigiulio さんのコメント...

So is this a true or fake story ? :P Anyways I agree with Nick, the guy in the video should be shot and deported!

karekora さんのコメント...

Haha.. maybe. :) It has to be fake... surely?!

Agreed! I know he was probably drunk but that kind of behaviour really bugs me... Hows it going in Nagoya? Hope your course is fun. :) I'm OK... a bit stressed with loads of group work at Uni but hopefully it will make me a stronger person in the end! **Thinking positive** haha

Probably fake... (?) They shouldn't publish fake stories with so much contraversy! The fake stories in English papers are usually harmless and nonsensical... about water-proof ducks etc.. haha