Stressed out

University isn't healthy.
I spend most of my day sat in front of a computer.
At least if you go to work you get to walk there and back, and occassionally you have to work to a different desk...
I'm starting to feel highly unsociable, having to often turn down invitations out by friends.
I feel guilty as I can't see my language exchange partner.
I have work forever on my back saying I have to do more hours. Impossible!

I have my group work classmates often turning up unprepared and not on time.
(I can understand why, but...)
...I could probably handle the workload if the projects were individual, but being group work based...

I'm enjoying University but...
A break would be nice...
Bring on January... !

And I've been strangely into Chinese music lately. I think its because I can't understand it so therefore my brain won't get distracted by it when working... :)

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Jingle さんのコメント...

No worries, we're here if you need a coffee break or something.

I only listen to music if I like the tune, so it doesn't matter whether I understand the language or not because I just never listen to the lyrics! It's always in one ear, and out the other. It's strange, I know.

Jingle さんのコメント...

Btw, they are native HK Cantonese singers singing in Putonghua (language of China).

karekora さんのコメント...

If you any good Chinese/Taiwanese/Cantonese etc singers/songs, recommend them to me! :) Music is my stress-reliever remedy :) How did you survive year 3 at Uni?!

Its freeeeeeezing out there - wrap up warm tomorrow :)