There are new rules in town for how degree's are calculated. It used to be that the best 15 marks from years 2 and 3 made up your final degree mark. Not any more.

Your best 6 grades year 3 make up 2/3 of your degree.
The other 1/3 is made up of the best 9 grades from years 2 and 3.

So, in effect, year 2 isn't worth much anymore.

It is a good thing - means potential employers can see what level you are at now, not a year ago, but... my course was structured with the old system in mind... There's not a lot of designing going on in year 3. Sure, there's the final major project which spans 3 modules... but... the final piece is going to be one thing, or at least around a theme of only one thing. Therefore, in year 3, we only have 3 design projects out of a possible 8. The rest of the projects are problem solving and dissertations.

I'd prefer my degree to be calculated on my DESIGN projects... after all, thats what the course is about right?

Still, one good thing has been changed. All re-assessments are capped at 40% now. Didn't seem fair that your second try was worth the same amount as your first try...

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