Team spirit

4 months ago I took leave from work to go to Japan. 4 weeks ago I returned to work only to have the receptionist ask who I was. Not only the receptionist had changed. The whole of my department had left. I am the sole artworker in the London office. I knew before I left to go to Japan that lots of people were planning to leave. But I just assumed that people would be replaced and I'd have new people to work with. Due to the current financial problems, there are no plans to get anybody replaced. I miss the team spirit.


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Papigiulio さんのコメント...

Boy I would hate that. Especially if you had a good relationship with the former coworkers. Ganbaru ne.

Who is the singer in the video and what is the drama called? Actually if you want to see some good drama's please watch "My boss my hero, Gokusen and GTO" 3 of the best. Looking for other good drama's though.

karekora さんのコメント...

do you mean who is singing in the song playing? Or are one of the actors/actresses a singer too? I've no idea... The band who is singing the song is Ikimonogakari. I think the songs called 'Planetarium' (but in katakana...)

I havent seen My boss my hero.. thanks for the recommendation!! :)