Thats that then

Yeah... kind of down at the moment.

This years JLPT level 2 may have been the hardest I (and many others) have seen since 1991, but its only this years grade that counts. I managed to do all the previous exam papers since 1991 and I did pass them all, if a little shakily at times. But I have low hopes on passing this year. It was kind of reassuring to see everyone else in the room looking a little stunned at the end of the exam and saying "Did I just take the level 1 exam by mistake..?!"

The vocab/kanji section was OK, I know a couple I messed up on, but overall I think I should have passed. I enjoyed the listening, and I think I passed that too. (Was it me or were most of the answers 3? I was getting suspicious towards the end, but the answer always just had to be 3!) But the grammar/reading section was... hard. I started with the grammar and worked my way to the reading, and I did manage to read, comprehend and answer everything, but... not confidently. There were too many where any of the 4 choices could have been right. By the time I go to the extra long passage at the front, my brain wanted a break. I never felt it in the level 3 exam before, but even though there is a 20 minute break, by the time you get out of the room its more like a 5 minute break. It just felt like 5 hours of non-stop exam. Maybe I'm just tired. Tired of juggling Japanese, University and work. Maybe I'm just getting old.. haha

Still, I tried to the best of my ability on that day. I just dont think it was good enough. I'm not looking forward to March. I'm not looking forward to summer. If I fail this year, its unfair that all my hopes should die flat. Because I know I can pass - I have passed since 1991. But its only this one paper that counts. And its only me that gave me that pressure.

Why is this exam held only once a year?!
Why is there only a 'pass' or 'fail' option, and not a point system like TOEIC?
Its not fair that someone passing with 62% should get the same certificate as someone passing with 80%.

I didnt want it to come down to luck, but... fingers crossed the vocab, kanji and listening mark over-rides the rest for a win...


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Hikki さんのコメント...

It's too bad that that exam is held only once a year! It's just like interior coordinator exam i took! I will get TOEIC score by the end of month. too. Hope we both will inform with good news

karekora さんのコメント...

Good luck for your TOEIC results! I'm sure you'll be fine :)