always confusing, always appearing words

勤める → つとめる → be employed at, work for (~に勤める、~で働く)
務める → つとめる → play/act/perform (a part)
努める → つとめる → strive hard at, endeavor

つい → by mistake, unintentionally, by accident/chance
ついに → at (long) last, finally, after all
ついでに → by the way, incidentally, in passing

休暇 → きゅうか → holiday (~を取る get a (day) off)
休業 → きゅうぎょう → closing down, suspend business (する)
休息 → きゅうそく → rest (する)
休憩 → きゅうけい → break (する)
休養 → きゅうよう → recuperate (する)

案外 → あんがい → unexpected, contrary to expectation, surprisingly
意外 → いがい → unforeseen, unlooked for, accidental, dont expect

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hello kare~n!
How is your japanese lesson? Is there japanese exam soon?
I would like to talk to u. if you r free please talk to me!!
I miss you and english

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はは、勉強になってよかった! :)

My Japanese is going OK... the exam is this Sunday. (ARGH!!!!!!) Hopefully we can speak soon!! Keep practising :)

:) 私は日本にある会社で勤めるために、日本語に務めています。(←当てる?!)はは