How to spot a Jap

Above is a 1942 American Wartime manual, on... "HOW TO SPOT A JAP"...

According to the manual (click the pic for more examples), a 'Jap' can be identified through 3 things -
1 - appearance
2 - feet
3 - pronounciation

Apparantley, Japanese people's "..legs are joined to their chest.. have hairier faces than the Chinese... can't smile... have calloused feet.. hide guns in their 'g-string'..."
Not racist at all, this. ^^

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American, what more can we say. ugh..

Almost as bad as this video clip on www.youtube.com http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A5VNe9NTOxA

My general list of how to spot a 'Jap in London'.

1 - Friendly
2 - Asking for Directions
3 - Carrying a camera that is not yet released in the UK.

On the other hand I have my how to spot a Yank.

1 - Loud
2 - Saying how much bigger/better everything is in the States(can hear due to point 1)
3 - Normal camera.


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..its cruel...!

I remember once I was on the tube, and an american saw the 'love is...' posters that were once running on the tube. He looked at the poster and announced
"Oh my God! Thats is like, sooo old! Isnt that from the 80's?"