For those studying Japanese....

I've recently found 2 useful online resources for learning Japanese. First up for those Kanji-loving people is SPEEDANKI, a site which has an interactive flashcard system which lets you choose what you want to see, what level JLPT you want to learn etc.. You can also register for a free account which then memories the cards you've read and those you havent.

Next up is a reading and listening programme, called NIHONGO JUKU. Various short articles can be both read and listened to at the same time or separately, with a useful vocabulary list below each article displaying any unknown kanji, etc. Its for intermediate - advanced learners of Japanese. A nice site, although it doesnt look as though its updated all that often, maybe one new article every 2-3 weeks.

"ENJOY!!" ^^

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Thank you very much for those links.

Extra tools and info if needed.

A good method of learning is something called Spaced Repetition.

This is a great little program for learning anything using spaced repetition. Great for learning, words, medical terms.


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Thanks for your recomendations! :) I'll try it. I need all the help I can get in memorising vocabulary.. >_<