NHK launched led an apology to the British consulate on TV on air last night (I think the 7th July?) after they broadcasted a history programme called 'Sono toki rekishi ga ugoita' on June 21st this year that displayed the Union Flag upside down. But, the shock is that the producer of the show knew the flag was upside down before it was broadcast. A viewer who saw a preview of the show noticed the mistake and phoned in and told them. The producer however, decided it was 'not worth the time and expense involved in correcting it.'
(text from Japan-zone)

..Oops! But I can kind of understand the producers point of view- who would know the Union Flag that well to realise it was upside down? Me, a British citizen, if I had of seen only the upside down version of the flag, would I have noticed? It probably wouldnt have entered my brain. If I had of noticed, I would just think it looked strange (as it does upside down) but usually things like that dont occur to me.

Seeing it now - with the correct version beside the wrong version, its easy for me to tell which is correct.

The Union Flag, when hung upside down, has the meaning of a distress signal.

...Is there a correct way up to hang the Japanese flag? >_<

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i wouldnt know. there is a flag that hangs outside a hotel near where I work, but all the diagnal lines are of equal position - for example, they are all in the centre of the white diagnal lines. Is this wrong?