Sneekily Cheekily Burgulars

Can you believe what happened in my sisters workplace last Monday? Some men came in, and said that they had came to repair the broken computers. The receptionist looked confused, she hadnt called anyone. She spoke to the boss. The boss said 'thats odd' but went on to say 'well, they could look at a few of the computers now they are here I guess. We have been having problems.' So, the reception went back & told them. The men sat down and looked at a few of the computers and a while after went back to the receptionist and said "I'm sorry, we'll have to take these computers back to our office to fix them, we have all the correct stuff there. We can return them on Tuesday." The receptionist, a bit put-out, said OK & told the boss. The men left with 5 computers. Tuesday came and went.

So did Wednesday.

The men havent returned yet. They called the police and apparently its an organised gang that have hit numerous companies. Men, posing as workmen, come in, and take computers away.

How cheeky can burgulars be?!
Come in, ask to look at the computer, tell everyone you'll be taking it, and then leave, all with the companies consent!! You've got to hand it to them! >_<

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First of all, what a strange the boss and the receptionist are! They should more cautious. They should know better than to hand their computers. I belive the conmputers have a lot of information. No one would hand them off the cuff.