Japan v Australia. ...WTF?!

I couldnt watch the game myself, but was amazed at how many people texted me when Nakamura scored against Australia! Depressed to be at work, suddenly I became a little brighter. (my world is quite small..)

Then, a few minutes before the game was to end my phone suddenly started going crazy again. Australia have equalized... they've scored again... and again...!! WHAT?! Up until the 85th minute, Japan were in the lead, then Australia scored 3 goals in 5 minutes, making this game the most exciting of all the matches played so far. (Well, if you're Australian..)

Shell-shocked viewers watching in pubs across Japan suddenly when quiet. They know. The dream for Japan is over. They need more than a miracle to beat Brazil.


How many times has Japan done this? Winning until the dying moments of the game? Hundreds. >_< (..yeah right...)

..Im off to watch the highlights on ITV.

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匿名 さんのコメント...

didnt you think the highlights on ITV were biast? Commentating from the OUtback pub... consentrating ont he goals Australia got and the chances they had, the history of australian history etc...

did they forget that they actually played against someone?!! >_<

Nick さんのコメント...

my japan team shirt arrived today, ive got number 7, Nakata, so i'll be showing my support for Nippon on sunday! :)

karekora さんのコメント...

@Anonymous - I guess it was a bit biast. II was too tired to watch it all :( I saw the goals, which is the main bit :) I did see them commentatin from the Outback pub - but I guess there's more Australians here than Japanese?

@Nick - :) Lets hope they win this one, its probably the only chance they have now...!