Willyaki=Fried Will


Click on Pic for more info on this British guy selling Takoyaki in Sheffield...
Thanks to Taka for the information!!


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Taka さんのコメント...

Now, you are seeking a job, right?
Why don't you join hands with Willy and run Takoyaki stall in London. Just kidding(^^)
By the way, cherry blossom was brilliant at Hikarigaoka and Wako are. Especially, there was no pass time other than drinking Beer under cherry tree in full blossom!!

karekora さんのコメント...

Haha, maybe I could.... :)

Ahhh.. I wish I could have seen the Cherry Blossoms in Hikarigaoka park... ii naaaaaaa~! Theres cherry blossoms out at the moment in London, but its mainly white flowers. I like the pink cherry blossoms ^^

enjoy your beer! :-)

Will from willyaki さんのコメント...

Hi, thanks for putting willyaki on your blog! I guess Willyaki means fried will.... まあそうっすね。。
ロンドンにでも展開する予定なので、興味を持ってる人は是非コンタクトしてくださーい! 行動力、チャレンジ精神のある人探してまーす。 んでシェフィールドも是非遊びに。。。 

ウィル willyaki隊

karekora さんのコメント...

Willさんの日本語はすごい上手なんですよね! うらやましいー! 

So you are planning to open up a stall in London? Sure Id be happy to help :) I dont know if you've read any of my recent posts but basically Ive been searching.. and.. searching.. and.. searching... for a job with no luck as yet, so let me know how I can help^^

(seeing as Ive got no idea whether you'll come back to read this, I'll post a message on your site! cheers^^)

Taka さんのコメント...

Hi, Karen. It's a good idea to help Will to open up Takoyaki stall, huh! I really join the Will Yaki team from the bottom of my heart. However, it's misson impossible for me right now. Instead of me, I hope you join them.