The Apprentice

Finally, Syed has been fired^^.
How did he ever manage to last that long?! He seemed to be always drowning, just taking in enough air to keep alive. I dont want Ruth to win, maybe Paul.

But, a 2 month interview to get a job? Ok, its for 100,000 a year, but... Arent jobs getting a little out of hand? Like, I set a recruitment advert for a Science Teacher at a suburbian school today. What did they expect to be paid? 20,000. ?! WTF?! Look at any Design related job ads and you've got to not only have hands-on experience with preferably a HND behind you, but also know web design, powerpoint, all the applications, copywriting, proofreading, you've got to work overtime and, you'll only probably be paid 15,000. A joke?
Hello...?! I live in LONDON.....
Oh, and the hours are probably 6pm-6am. Jolly!!

...I'll just become a workaholic for peanuts shall I? ^^ Woo-hoo!

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