Def Techのことを知ってますか?

Def Techは新しい(2005発売)日本のバンドです。DefTechは二人の男で、日本人とアメリカ人。(上の写真はDefTechです。) コーラス以外は、日本人が日本語で歌って、アメリカ人が英語で歌います。このバンドは日本だけで流行してますので、私はアメリカ人がもちろん日本語が分かるでしょうと思った。ですが、テレビに出て時に、いつも日本人しかがしゃべないです。もし、アメリカ人が話したいことがあったら、英語でしゃべます。でも、日本語できるかな。

日本で英語が流行していますので、多分、アメリカ人は「もし英語ばかりでしゃべったら、日本語が分からない外人になったら、もっと人気になるかもしれないなぁ」と思ってたので、英語ばかりしゃべる。だけど、おかしくない? 私はそう思うけど。



・・・ですが、知ってる? このDefTechのアメリカ人、日本語が分かりますか? おしえて! 私はDefTechのファンだから! ^^ 

お願いしまーす! ^^

Have you heard of Def Tech?

Def Tech is a newish Japanese band made up of 2 guys - a Japanese and an American. All except for the chorus, usually the Japanese guy sings in Japanese and the American sings in English. This band is only famous in Japan, as far as I know, so I figured that the American must be able to speak Japanese. But... Whenever they appear on TV, its always the Japanese guy speaking and the American nodding and looking a bit stupid. If the American does want to say something, he'll speak in English with subtitles running across the screen or be dubbed. But, I was thinking, maybe, as English is so popular in Japan, maybe the American thought "I might become more popular if I only speak in English" and so only speaks in English. But, dont you think that its a tad odd?

For example, imagine there was a French singer in England who couldnt speak a word of English. Whether she would be popular or not I dont know, but I doubt she'd be as popular as Def Tech are in Japan.

But, hey, England and Japan have 2 completely different cultures. I shouldnt compaire them. Soz!^^

But... If you do know - does the American guy in Def Tech know Japanese? - let me know!! Cheers!

(I always think my English sounds unnatural when I think in Japanese how to say it first. What d'ya think?)

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karekora さんのコメント...


Seems Def Tech's Hawaiian member can understand almost all Japanese. However speaking is a bt hard he says in perfect Japanese. His accent is different though - not in a bad way, just sounds like a non-native. I wonder if I sound like that... if I do then I'm happy. If I sound worse, then.. ARGH! If I sound native, then i know you;re lying!!!

Ah well. glad to have that cleared up^^