Earthquake 地震

4.0 earthquake in Kanagawa area. (approx 6.5 on Richter Scale...??)
Even got a mention on the UK news.

Hope everyone is OK.

May sound strange, but when I was in Japan, I kind of felt relieved when an earthquake struck. I got worried when there wasnt any earthquakes for a longish period of time. Kept thinking - no earthquakes... must be a big one lerking... So I prayed for a minor earthquake. That said, this one was quite big... Im praying for no aftershocks.

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heathcroft さんのコメント...

I happened to visit your blog from blogger and I'm so surprised. I'm Japanese, I had lived in London about three years, came back Japan one month ago and living near Mt. Fuji now. I had some big earthquakes recently. It's scary. Your Japanese is so good.

Taka さんのコメント...

My opinion is on all fours with yours. Karen's Japanese is brilliant

karekora さんのコメント...

Stop it :) Ill get a big head! :)

Thanks for saying my japanese is good, its given me a lot of encouragement!! Theres still a way to go though.. :(

...Wait til you hear me speak, then you'll cringe..!! ^^

Even though I know its impossible to have an earthquake in England, sometimes I experience 'phantom' earthquakes -- nothing happens, but I hear something and my body goes into 'panic-earthquake' mode.
Ah well..

Thanks again^^