Japan to fingerprint foreigners

Japan plans to fingerprint foreigners aged 16 or over when they enter the country as an anti-terrorism measure, details of a revised immigration bill obtained by the Mainichi have shown. In addition, people that the justice minister deems likely to "commit crimes aimed at threatening the public" will be deported under new regulations, the revised bill on immigration and refugee recognition says.

In addition to fingerprinting, the Ministry of Justice is also considering photographing visitors. The bill gives authorities the power to deport those considered likely to commit terrorism-related crimes such as murder, hijackings or bombings, thereby posing a threat to ordinary residents or the nation. Read full story here. In Japanese here.


However, it seems that in April 2000, they stopped doing just this, so they are just bringing back an old law. As of BBC News April 2000.

Maybe if I was Muslim or looked Middle Eastern, I would be against this for fear of being stereotyped. But, me a small Englishwoman, sees no problem in it. It shouldnt bother you unless you are actually going to Japan for illegal reasons. Its the same in the UK and DNA databases. On the news recently they were saying it was wrong to take DNA samples of children who had done nothing wrong. Er, no. If those children keep within the law, then they will never have to worry. If, they choose to brake the law, itll make them easier to catch. So, go ahead, take DNA samples of everyone when they are born, or when they come in to the country, if it helps make this country safer.

If you are law abiding, you shouldnt give a damn. Its not "invading privacy" for Gods sake. Its trying to make the world a safer place.

Bring on the DNA tests.

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I'm at work now so I'll just post this tiny comment for for.

I agree with you on this matter.

To all those people claiming 'human rights' when they are to have their fingerprints taken what bollocks.

There is a quote I like to use it is. It goes like this "The only freedom that we all have is that to act responsibly."

I take that to mean that we take such measures as photos/fingerprint scans etc. to protect our societies. Those that object to such measures fail to see the bigger picture.

A man that raped young boys 20+ years ago was put behind bars due to UK law that lets police take DNA samples from drunk drivers. The man was drink driving, they took a cheek swab then put it on the DNA-DBase. Within hours it had a match on a case from 1960/70. The police then did a full check into the mans history and finally arrested him. Better late than never. Another + factor for a DNA-DB is that of convicting rapists. They are nutters that re-offend at least four times before being caught. A wider DNA-DB would not prevent the first event tragic happening, but it would help find the bastards and put them away, right away.

I'll post you a link later to a pdf on some crime statistics for Japan, it makes for an interesting read.

I'm glad I'm not the only person that thinks it's a good idea. Are you one of the few sane people left in this country that is not a brainwashed 'rights and freedomist'?


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The most interesting part to read is the, "Crimes and offences rate in Japan by nationality"

The Japanese have it in every right of theirs to protect their own nationals.

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cant believe that in that link you gave me theres 18,000 people from the UK living in Japan. I only ever met one, and that was only once! Where are they all hiding?!

I guess on every issue there are people for and against. I guess DNA sampling is contraversial, but I cant for the life of me understand the argument for those against it.