Its a girl!! (i hope...///)

Japan's Princess Kiko, married to Emperor Akihito's second son - Akishino - is pregnant with a 3rd child. The pressure is no doubtedly piling on for her to produce a male heir, something that hasnt been done since the 1960's, and which has been causing concern for the future of the Japanese Imperial Family. Crown Princess Masako, 42, had been made ill due to the extreme pressure on her to produce a male heir. She and her husband Naruhito's child Aiko, female, could be the next in line to the throne, after her father, if laws are changed, allowing women to take the throne. But, so far, nothing is set in stone, and, if Princess Kiko bears a boy child, then it could be him that becomes the future Emperor of Japan. from BBC

Personally, I still hope that laws are changed so that Princess Aiko can be Empress (above). It just seems more right to me. The law that only males can be emperor in Japan just seems very dated & sexist in such a modern, rich (well... they are back in the black again now, right?), and powerful country.

On top of that, Princess Aiko is kinda cute huh? Japan need someone cute in a powerful position in the Imperial Family. Look what Prince William and Prince Harry - even Princess Diana - did for the English Royal Family!!

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