Talking sense

If you make the most of everyday, you would have lived a full life.
Dont only live for yourself, or for people you know, live for strangers too - we are all mainly strangers in this world.
Do your best at whatever you are doing - however major or minor. Take pride in what you do. Dont belittle people just because you can - that person has feelings just like you, and even though someone might have done it to you, doesnt mean you should inflict this hurt onto someone else just to make yourself feel better.

Make each day count. At the end of the day, ask yourself, what have I done today? What have I achieved? It might be you learnt some new vocab in Japanese, or watched a movie you never saw before, or cooked a special meal, or helped someone learn English, or volunteered, or anything that you believe in.

If everyone learns to live together and takes time to think about others feelings, London will be a nicer place to return home to.

RESPECT is not just a 'cool' word that people jamaican people use. They have forgotten the original meaning of the word. People in Japan may be cold at times, but, they are hardly ever knowingly rude. London however, is a different matter altogether, sadly....

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