Blonde hair? Sorry, not allowed

The Estonian Sumo Wrestler, Baruto, who may be forced to dye his naturally blonde topknot black, as it 'stands out too much' by Sumo Purists. However, Japanese Sumo Association Officials appear to say that he should be allowed to keep his own hair colour.

Foreign Sumo Wrestlers, sometimes seen as interfering with a traditional Japanese sport for Japanese people, not only have usually studied in Japan for a number of years, but have mastered the language, including keigo Japanese, which often confuses the average Japanese citizen, and have to essentially, "become Japanese" in order to be excepted, but only to a certain extent, into the Sumo field.

Its the same in schools. (hair, that is.) Chapatsu is not allowed under any circumstances in Japan. But, what if you are half Japanese, or a foreigner, or even born in Japan with foriegn parents? No, sorry, black hair only. You Russian girl who has lived in Japan all your life, considers Japanese her first language and has never actually been to Russia, sorry, dye your blonde hair black. You'll stand out otherwise.

And, in Japan, you have to fit into the factory mold. If not, .... you cant live. Not a normal life anyway. Only one of the gaijin.

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