quotes.... 久しぶり・・!

"It is estimated that in Tokyo's Chiyoda ward alone, 600,000 people would be stranded if public transportation goes down, and would have to take a "survival walk" home."
Metropolis Free Magazine

"Mompoured milk into my glass and said "Here you go! はい、どうぞ" "Thank you Mom." Then Mom said, "Would you like a cookie? クッキーはどう?" So I just said, "Yeah." "I beg your pardon? はーい?" Mom's ears stood up. "Yes, please!" "That's perfect, Ussa! はい、よくできました" said Mom."
Xene Free Magazine, Jan/Feb 2005 issue

"The only talent that teachers need is to be born British and to exploit that ruthlessly"
Metropolis Magazine, Aug 28th issue

"5. Bath. Bathroom may be small for athletes. If possible, please use shower."
Hyper Hotel Hirosaki's hotel instructions, English version.

"Frequent encounters with indigestion have taught me to be wary of British cuisine. But there is one food item I have always envied of the Brits: the lovely pre-bottled smoothies and juices so widely and conveniently available from their sandwich shops and grocery stores. For years, and I mean years, I asked myself why such drinks remained unavailable on the Japanese market"
Metropolis Magazine, Aug 28th issue

"Toyobo admitted that the bulletproof vests it had sold to 150,000 Americans, many of them policemen, are not bulletproof."
Metropolis Magazine, Aug 28th issue

"The word is out that the Crown Prince and the Princess are bored with having nothing much to do but smile and wave at people. The Japan Times reported that the Crown Prince was heard to murmur to a friend, "I wish I had a workplace to go to every day. It probably gives you a sense of enthusiasm." The Imperial Household Agency evidently plays the role of a disapproving grandmother. The Japan Times noted that the Crown Prince could never say, for instance, that he likes a bit of sake from time to time because this might cause whiskey makers to scratch their heads."
Metropolis Free Magazine

"There used to be a saying about Japan - 'Both safety and water are free'. People dont use that phrase anymore."
Metropolis Free Magazine

England (英吉国 usually shortened to 英国) is not (literally meaning) 'Superb Country'"
Japanzine Free Magazine, July issue

Totally agree with the one about the lack of smoothies available in Japan. As Im a toaster-less person, I am craving some toast with butter and jam, followed by a hot cup of tea. Proper tea, not the English tea that you get in Japan - its either too sweet or too milky. Maybe Im fussy... I prefer Camomile anyway...

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