Haus Ten Bosch & Unzen Jigoku

Haus Ten Bosch is a Dutch Themepark located a short train ride away from Nagasaki. It costs a fair deal to get in, but it is worth it. If youve been to Holland, expect a over-the-top-extremeist view of things. Its a laugh!! Dont forget to get some "Amsterdam" postcards to send home before you leave - just to confuse everyone :)

Unzen Jigoku is also near Nagasaki, though less easy to get to with buses going there rarely. We only just missed the 9am bus, having to wait til 10.15 for the next one. Check the timetables and arrive at the bus stop with 15 minutes to spare (Our 9am bus left at 8.50). Once there, get ready for a PONG! It smells like.. rotten eggs or an eggy fart. Yummy. !!?? The water here is supposed to have medicinal factors, so, you could brave it and head straigh for the Onsens there. Or, alternatively, I saw many old ladies washing themselves in any kind of bubbling white water they found. Its a great experience.

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Hello British girl, I can't fill in your name in English so I just filled in "British girl". Well, I saw your profile on MIXI and then I went in this site. You have so many nice pictures, especially Nagasaki. Because I am from Nagasaki and I love my prefecture;) I am now in the Netherlands on business so I miss there alot. Anyway thank you for the pcitures and it was good to see my hometown.