no worries, im staying

I owe it to myself. If I go home now, Ill regret it. Ill feel a fool.

so, no worries, Ill be staying for another 6 months max. Got too much to loose.

Went to a gospel concert on sunday with a Korean girl, the church was full of Koreans, and I was glad when a fellow white girl showed up! I felt as though I stood out like a saw thumb... The concert was good, even though Im not religious. I met some nice people there, and was happy to see I could have a conversation with people in Japanese. Maybe it helped that they're first language wasnt japanese too, so we were all speaking a foreign tongue. They invited me back again sometime, I might just have to go :-)

Friends coming soon to visit. Hope that when they leave I wont be a nervous wreck like I was when my sister left. Its hard saying goodbye to people whom are going back to the country where you secretly look forward to going back to even though you know as soon as youll get there, youll be booking another flight out here again. !! 22~

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Im always dreaming of London though. A sign??