I came to Japan 6 months ago

I came to Japan for a easy life
I got the easy life
Now the easy life is hard

I came to Japan 6 months ago planning to come for 12
Ive prooved I can do it, why stay any more
When all you want to do is go home

I came to Japan to be the envy of others
I got the envy of others
If I return now, envy will turn to failure

I came to Japan to gain friends
Its hard to gain friends in a city where people dont talk
All my friends pay me to speak English

I came to Japan to proove I could do it
I prooved I can do it
Whats left to proove?

I came to Japan for the experience and to travel
Ive experienced, Ive travelled
Now everywhere looks the same

I came to Japan 6 months ago
I miss my life in London and want it back
And its still there, so why not grab it and go back?

I came to Japan to be different
Im a common English teacher
Im more different in multi-cultural London

I came to Japan 6 months ago
And I love it here and I know for certain
If I go back to London Ill regret it

I came to Japan to live the life
Ive lived it
Now what?

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匿名 さんのコメント...

guess im gonna stay. taking each day as it comes. staying in tokyo to work on the friendships i have here.

time to stay


aJapaneseboycheeredupbyyourblogyearsago さんのコメント...

Jibun kara "sabishii-yo" tte ieba, dareka kamatte kureruyo. Ato, onna no ko wa obasan ni hanashikakeru to iito omouyo. UK mo sou kamo shirenai kedo, Japan no obasan mo power aru kara ne~~.

karekora さんのコメント...

...what the hell are you going on about? どうして 「おばあさんに話しかけるといいとおもうよ。UKもそうかもしれないけど、日本のおばあさんもPOWERあるから?」って?



Why should i speak to grannys?! >_<

aJapaneseboy さんのコメント...

"おばあさん" ではなく、"おばさん"だよ。

I wish you happy days in Japan!!

karekora さんのコメント...




Im staying in Japan for the time being.

私のウエブ・サイトの英語分かりますか? (日本語はばか・・・!ごめん!>_<)

aboy さんのコメント...

> 私のウエブ・サイトの英語分かりますか?

As a mediocre Japanese univ-graduate, to read English text is easy for me. But to write, to listen to and to speak are quite difficult. So I enjoy your blog from time to time. これからも時々コメントしにくるから、また相手してね?。

Chapter Shi さんのコメント...

I hope you still read this even though this post is like really old. I'm in Japan now, and totally relate to ur feelings. For me, I have to totally concentrate on the goal of learning Japanese to keep me here. Yes I have done a lot of things I wanted to do while in Japan, but I think my mind has made up that I'm not leaving without speaking Japanese at least level 2. You are so right about the envy turning quickly to failure. I haven't been here 6 months yet, but if I come back before AT LEAST 12 months I will be a failure so I don't think I can do that. Saying this, I garantee I'll stay two years lol.
Good Blog. Awesome Read.

karekora さんのコメント...

Thanks for your post Chapter Shi. It brought back some memories reading that post! :) I would recommend staying in Japan if you want to learn Japanese, as once you leave it gets harder to practise. I took at look at your website. Good luck for everything. Looks like your having a great time ;)

I'm embarrassed when I look at my level of Japanese then! T_T