Kobe 神戸

Think of Kobe and if you are like me, you'll probably think of the 1995 earthquake that struck the area. True, there are memorials all over the city, but, Kobe had an interesting history of muliticulturalism before 1995 dating way back, and because of that, and he shear beauty of Kobe, its bounced back like no other and its hard to believe such a terrible thing happened only 10 years ago. Its a great place to shop, to relax and to sunbathe :) I love Kobe!

In Meriken Park, the worst hit by the earthquake by Kobe Port, there is an outside memorial museum, preserving the way a part of the park was, directlt after the earthquake. Seeing this, you can only imagine the strength of the earthquake and what it mustve been like to be there at the time.

--Yes, the Eikoku kan (English house) in Kobe. You can pay to go in and see a 'traditional British house' ...I didnt bother!

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