Time to go home (not me)

I feel sorry for my Greek friend who rally wants to stay in japan but has to leave as he cant find a job. He speaks excellent English, but as his passport says "GREEK" he cant get a english teaching job. nobody wants to learn greek here. So, his tourist visa expiring, he has to return to greece. ;( He was thinking of just getting out the country and then returning again, therefore renewing his tourist visa for another 3 months - but you need money to live, and a job to get money.

I mean - he probably understands the english language more than me. He learnt it, so know how it works. i dont, I just speak it. God knows why I say the things I say!?!

I think its a little unfair that the Japanese only give away Working Holiday Visas to english speaking countries. I know its for their own benefit, but......

Guess too many foreigners would spoil the place.
Still, a shame.

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this reminded me of work. someone sent it to me again the other day.

whats it all about?!?!? ;)

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thats too bad. but, i guess he had a greek accent or something, i know the japanese are very careful about their accents. maybe he speaks english perfect, but would would you prefer, to learn english from a native or a foreigner?

if you took japanese lessons, would you be happy if your teacher was chinese?