Was this my dream?

Life in London is simplier. I had good friends, I had a good job and I had my family around me giving me support if needed. Nobody judged me.

Strangely, because I came from North London, I was always made to feel "boring" by teachers because I came from London, my parents came from London, I was 100% a Londoner. Everyone around me I was told was more "interesting" because they came from different backgrounds. Stupidly gullible, I wished I was from another background. This is what schooling in London taught me. It made me think that being 100% English was not good enough.

Maybe thats why I wanted to come to Japan. I want to be different - someone from another background. But whats the big deal? Underneath, whatever background you may come from, your human, with generally the same hopes and needs. Every one is equal. So why was I made to feel inadaquate?

Japan. Ive accepted that it is true, I like Japan from a distance. I love the cute things you can buy, the design, the architecture, and some of the people. I love walking down the street and being able to read the kanji and understand it. I love being able to have short conversation with total strangers about my country and why Ive come here. I hate the judgemental looks, the stupid air of authority, the politeness levels and coldness. I hate the fact that at the end of the day, Japan thinks "We are right, you are wrong"

I come from London. I might do things a little differently than you. I might cook rice differently, I might cook pasta in an unusual way, but if the end result is the same - who cares?! Not everything has to be done the proper way - especially if the end result is the same. In Japan, everything has to be done in a certain way. 1 way. You dont do it any other way. If you do, you havent been taught properly.

I do love Japan, strangely after what Ive said. There are decent people here.
But I dont think Ill ever find the down-to-earth friendliness that I can find back home.

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I feel that, even if I think something doesnt seem right, if it is right for that person, so be it. I dont get hung up on the differences or judgements. I simply dont care and move on. There are many times I agree to disagree. This is for general things not major topics such as the death penalty...etc...

I remember working in a J company and they wanted me to wear the company uniform. You may say 'mels you just said that you didnt care and moved on'...but in this case it was impacting me personally....so I told them 'no'. I told them that they did not have to hire me if that was the case. OR I compromised..if I were to wear a uniform, the my counterparts (men) would have to as well. They never approached me again about the uniform.

Okay, I was young and felt it was not right. But, I was in Japan. It took me 3 months to get THAT CHIP off my shoulders.

If I did not knock that chip off, I would not have lasted. I am not saying you have a chip on your shoulder. I am saying that as time goes on, those things will not bother you as much if you look at it with a different perspective.....

If I get nasty looks or looks that appear judgemental...I just figure they are jealous because ,your damn right, I am different and unique.

Peace out