Takayama Photos

Hida no Sato Village in Takayama has to be the most famous and most taken photo of these region of Japan. In fact, its not a 'real' village at all, just a kind of theme park, where all old traditional houses and farm houses of this region of Japan have been plonked, for the convenience of tourists like me :) It is very pretty, but, very cold...!

Suwa World Shrine is the golden rooftop that dominates the skyline of Takayama. Its supposed to be a religion that combines the main beliefs of all religions. The building itself was strange - they incorporated all the main religions into the design, but, it was lacking something cloes to my heart... Christianity. How could they forget Christianity? Just add some stained glass and Ill be happy!

These peculiar stretching statues are all over Takayama.

This is a photo of Furukawa, a short train ride away from Takayama. I have to admit, the place itself was dull, but Ill never forget the Ramen I ate there. It was GORGEOUS! Also, the look on the womans face when I ordered it... 「たべられるかな?」she said. Im a forienger, Im hungry, Ill eat Natto if I have to...!

Takayama comes alive when the Takayama Festival takes place in May and October ish time. I was there in January, so could only imagine the excitement and noise of these times in the Takayama Festival Museum, with the very handy but too much detail tape recorders, explaining things to me in Eigo.

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