OK, so now what?

Ive figured that Im in stage 2 of the living abroad guide. Heres the chart -

1 - You find everything in your new country amazing - you love to sightsee, and to learn new things about your new home. You love the whole culture-shock thing. This stage can last up to 6 months if your lucky, for me, it lasted about 1 month.

2 - The culture-shock has died down, and you now take it for granted. Its part of everyday life. Nothing special. You're starting to think of home and how your life was there. Maybe you are very homesick, and wonder why you came. This stage can last forever if you dont snap out of it, and learn that your home country and this country is different, they both have good and bad points, just swing with it. This stage is hard to get out of, you got to let go. Get that chip off your shoulder.

3 - If you reach stage 3, you are in danger of never leaving your new country! Youve excepted the good and bad points of your new country, and you have many friends there. You have a good job with prospects and you dont get homesick so often.

So, Ive got a chip on my shoulder. ^^ Living here has certainly made me think deep about some things.

Check out the "London by London" link. Quirky info on London. ;)

Yeah, yeah, Ive got a chip on my shoulder..... !!

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