Bolt from the blue

Haruo is a failing magician. He can't get any job offers and his rent is overdue. A freak thunderstorm hits and his home is flooded. All of his magician equipment inside is ruined. He can't afford to buy more. He then gets a phone call. A homeless man has committed suicide and it appears to be his dad. What more can go wrong? 

Haruo goes to the bridge where his father died and is struck by lightening. When he comes round he realises he has time slipped 40 years. With no idea of how to get back to the future, he starts performing as a magician - the only thing he knows. His "futuristic" magic tricks amaze people and he somehow teams up with Shotaro - his father. He meets the mother he never met and finally finds out why she left when he was born. 

A funny, entertaining film that is well worth watching!

Go see!!

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