All Round Appraiser Q

Riko is a highly respected appraiser with a supernaturally sharp eye for detail and a quick thinking mind. The Louvre temporarily employ her for a Mona Lisa exhibition in Japan. Her judgements are challenged amongst rumours and threats of theft. Can she solve a 500 year old curse? Which is the original painting? Who is stealing what? 

I like Haruka Ayase. 
I like mystery. 
I like thrillers. 
I like The DaVinci Code. 
I like Sherlock Holmes. 

But I didn't like this movie. 

This movie tries to copy The DaVinci code and Sherlock Holmes so much it just ends up dull. The storyline was predictable and acting dull. 

Maybe it was because I was half jet-lagged when I watched this movie, but...


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