Check it out yo! チェケラッチョ!

One night, four high school friends in Okinawa travel to Koza for a rap concert. None of them are real fans of the group they are seeing, they are mainly going in the hope of finding some nice girls. However, they soon forget about girls as the concert blows them away. They love the atmosphere and walk away with the dream of becoming a rap band themselves. They rent the schools instruments and practise like crazy. The only thing is - they can't rap and they can't play any instruments.

They manage to get a live performance booked (through countless lies), and they practise hard for their performance. But they are soon boo-ed off stage. 

The lead singers love-hope is going out with someone else, the guitarist wants to go to a university in Tokyo and their sole fan is a girl who only sticks out their music because she likes the lead singer. The future of their band is looking dim. 
But only fools give up...

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