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I've just finished watching the stage show 'RE:' on WOWOW live. It wasn't what I expected. It is televised version of a one-off stage show. Only two people are in the show, and both of them are on the stage for the entire hour and a half performance. The two performers sit reading text messages and emails for the entire show. It might not sound very interesting, but it really captures your heart and you can't stop watching. The ending was very moving.

This simple love story starts with an email misunderstanding and two people arguing via the medium of text message. Although They have never met, those two people, who only talk via text message, eventually learn to like, and love each other. However, one of the characters is married. He has no intention of getting a divorce. Therefore the woman reluctantly ends the relationship. However, the two characters continue to occasionally send text messages to each other and occasionally do work together. Even though they move apart, and each of their lives change drastically, they continue to keep in touch. They are friends, but deep down they both know the unspoken fact; they are still in love with each other.

Do the characters ever reunite their brief love?

Do they ever meet again?

Do their text messages fade away with time, or do they continue?

The story is very simple.
The theatrical performance is very simple.
But the audience will, without doubt, be moved.
The storyline will, without doubt, stay in the minds of the audience for a long time after the curtain has been pulled down.

I'm certainly glad I stayed up to watch it. Hopefully there'll be a country tour of this stage show sometime soon :)

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