Christmas lessons have begun...

And somebodies changed the lyrics of 'we wish you a merry christmas' ?!


Me: 'In England, we eat Turkey for Christmas.'

Students: 「かわいそうに!!」

...me or the turkey?


I've only just realised how 'Eiffel Tower' sounds a bit like 'iPhone Tower'. It's a mistake anyone could've made... (right?!)


I taught elementary first grade for the first time a few weeks ago. During question time (part of my introduction lesson where children can ask me things about me, or England), a student raises his hand eagerly. The usual questions are 'Are you married?', 'Do you have kids?', 'How old are you?', 'Do you have a boyfriend?'... (usually in that order too....) This student however has a unique question. 'What is your friends favourite vegetable?' Both me and the HRT double check the meaning, but that is what he wanted to know. The next student raises her hand. 'What is your shoe size?'
...this is turning out to be a unique class, I like it :D

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