And then it was Sunday

4th December 2011.
Weather: cold but sunny.
Feelings: calm but anxious.
Today's prized possessions: pencil, rubber, wristwatch.

Yes. The day of the JLPT N1 test finally came.

Each level was held at a different place in Kobe; the N1 was held at the Rokko mountain campus of Kobe University. To get there from the station, you had to walk up a steep steep hill for around 30 minutes. At the top was the campus grounds, with lots of (non-JLPT, regular) students practicing Christmas carols.

The exam started at 12:30 and ended around 4:40pm. Luckily I brought my watch as there was no clock in the exam hall.

First up was the big one: the 2-and-a-bit hour grammar, vocabulary and reading comprehension exam. Hmm... Was it just me who thought there was a lot of questions about scientific experiments??!! :/ I tried my best and did finish everything in time, but I'm not confident about the reading comprehension part of the exam. A few of the topics were quite hard to get your head around in the short time available. Still, I tried my best :)

Next up was the listening exam. I think this went fine, it was pretty straight forward. In the old format, they always said the question before starting the dialogue, but they didn't do that this year. They did the dialogue and then told you the question. Therefore you really did have to take notes of everything as you didn't know what the question might be.

After the exam I met up with some friends who took N2 and N3 and we went to see the Kobe Luminiere show before heading to an izakaya for a 'uchiage otsukaresan party' :)

The results of the exam are out in mid February.

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Jing さんのコメント...

Otsukaresan! Fingers-crossed you passed!

karekora さんのコメント...

Thank you!!! :)