I like the original. You might like Mann's version. Theres no need to argue.

Ah... natsukashii~. Reminds me of my first years in Secondary School ;) For some reason, whenever I hear this song, a memory of my class randomly singing this song at the end of a science class comes flooding back. It was the last period on a Friday and I guess we were in a good mood ;)

Changing the subject for a bit of a rant.
Everyone has their own opinion.
Everyone has their own personality.
I believe we should except people for who they are.
I don't appreciate people telling me what my opinion should be.

I like X.
You don't like X.
I have to work with X day in, day out.
You visit X for 1 hour every 6 months.

You have your opinion.
I have my opinion.
Lets call its quits.
Simples. ^^

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