My front door was thick with ice this morning. Joy.

I've been thinking about life after Japan alot lately. Not that I'm thinking about leaving yet (well, that all depends on my new contract), but the fact is that leaving is inevitable. I'm a Londoner. I like London. I like Japan too, but London is my home.

Its for that reason I've started taking on design work. The dark circles around my eyes will get darker. But I enjoy it. I worked all day today on a design project which will not make my pockets deeper. However, the advantages are significant, and, most importantly, I enjoyed it. Its been a long time since I opened up my old trusty design applications and threw them about a bit. Teaching is nice, it has lots of perks that design doesnt have. But, I'm a designer at heart. And I'm at the point where I'm wondering quite what I'm doing here.

It was nice to meet like-minded creative people (who are also English teachers in Japan) in snowy Himeji today. I'm doing the right thing.

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