We spend half our lives at work. Lets enjoy it.

Good video, if a little blinkered. Solutions depend on what type of work you are doing. There is no universal solution to the fact that sometimes, getting work done at work is hard.

At one of my previous workplaces, they often allowed people to work at home. The people who worked at home did far more work than they ever do in the office. The reason is not purely just because they had less distractions. The common view is that people who work from home do less work. As they also didn't want to be accused of not working, they ended up working more than they ever do at work. At work you can pretend to work. At home you cant. (Well, you can, but what are you trying to prove?)

That said, working from home is not something I personally aspire to. Working from home makes vital, effective communication between colleagues harder - conference calls are far from ideal. Working from home also means you loose out on being part of the office community - however annoying or great it may be.

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