Simple story (*and a random video that I liked ;) )


Tonight I'm glad that Japan is Japan.
Tonight I felt glad that I can speak Japanese.
Tonight I met a friend in Akashi for a chat.
Tonight I tried the Houji-cha Latte for the first time.
Tonight I forgot my scarf in Starbucks.

Its just a bulk standard scarf, but to me, it has sentimental value. I remembered just as I arrived back at my station. I thought about turning back to collect it. But the time was 8:45pm. The store shuts at 9pm. So, I did what I promised I would never, ever, ever do. I used the internet on my phone. I got the phone number for Starbucks Akashi and called them.

I'm glad Japan is Japan.
Nobody had stolen my scarf.
It was still sitting lonely where we had been sitting.
Its only a scarf, but I cried with relief.
I never realised just how strong the sentimental value was until now.

Tomorrow me and my scarf will be reunited.

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