Decode: Digital Design Sensations

I went to see 'Decode: Digital Design Sensations' at the V&A today. I've heard alot about it and was intrigued. Digital interactive design is something that has fascinated me ever since visiting Yugo Nakamura's interactive design exhibition in Tokyo a couple of years ago. Unfortunately Decode at the V&A didn't quite match up to Yugo Nakamura's exhibition, however, it is still a fun and worthwhile exhibition to visit.

I took a ever-changing real-time photograph of myself, caught interactive bubbles and raindrops, caused a tree to shake, painted a big wall with my bare hands, helped interactive fishes get back home, found the most polluted areas of london, made shadows on interactive venetian blinds and took a 1 second video of myself strangling a friend. I also made a mirror follow me.

Tip: book in advance, especially if you are going at the weekend - tickets sold on the day sell out fast.

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