Mid life crisis. Again.

I had a mid-life crisis at 21. Then I went to University.

I'm kind of having another mid-life crisis now.

Somethings been niggling away inside me for a while now.

If I don't try to be a Graphic Designer now, then I never can. I'll be 'typecast' as an Artworker. I already am. But I have the degree as an excuse now. Only now.

If I go straight back into Artworking, I can kiss Graphic Design goodbye.

If I try out Graphic Designing now, I can always quit and go back to Artworking. I have over 5 years experience as solid back-up. And a 'keen' and 'creative eye' is always a plus for a Creative Artworker ;)

If I go off and be a teacher, what will become of me when I get back? Whats the point of teaching? What am I achieving?

I like Graphic Design.
I enjoy Graphic Design.
So why am I taking the easy option out and looking for Artworking roles?
Why am I avoiding the situation and looking at Japan.

I might as well at least try Graphic Design.
It makes sense right?

That said, there is a credit crisis on...
Damn bad timing...

And another bad timing thing -- the bloody tube strike is the same days as my exhibition! everyone is calling me up and saying they cant make it.... whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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Jingle さんのコメント...

Why not be a Graphic Designer then? As you said, if you decide it's not for you, you can always backtrack. If you can't decide whether to graphic design or teach, why not do both? Have graphic design as the main job, and teach on the side, as English teaching positions can be very flexible. Oh, and you can do that in London or Japan (or HK or China or Korea or Taiwan etc...)... the world's your oyster.

See you on Friday ;)

karekora さんのコメント...

Yup, I think I'm 80% decided that I'm going to go all out and try be a graphic designer now while I can. I can always regret it after :) I am booked for teh English course, but I can always cancel it if I really have to. Lets see how things go.....

Unfortunately I cant really have the best of both worlds. Its virtually impossible to get a design company to sponsor my visa in Japan, and anyway, I don't want to work as a Graphic Designer in japan anymore. It hard to explain why exactly, but... the perks are next to none.

Gosh, mid-life crisises take up so much valuable time!