D&AD (video from 2008)

Ok.. kind of all ready for D&AD next week now.
..kind of. Just need to do some extra bits and bobs and then done.

From tomorrow til Wednesday evening, I'll be practically living at National Hall, Olympia, for the D&AD New Blood exhibition. Its completely free to enter, and if you do fancy coming along remember to register online first to cut the queues. (If you dont register its no big deal, just means you might get a tan in the queue! hehe) I'm at the London Metropolitan stand named 'Human Behaviour' (its near the toilets...) (register here: http://newblood.dandad.org/register)

Yes... next week... According to the weather forecast its goint to be around 30 degrees.... And I'm stuck in a building with lots of designers.... Hopefully theres air conditioning.... (You never know with London..)

Next week I also have a portfolio session with Sony Entertainment & I'm also meeting up with a magazine company for potential work... The interview I went to 2 weeks ago are still keeping me waiting for an answer... Fingers crossed something comes out of one of them... I dont fancy being unemployed for much longer.

Kind of looking forward to the week ahead! :D

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OK. so theres no air conditioning... its seriously baking in here, even the paper is curling up in the heat. Not good, not good...