Monsters vs aliens

I saw Dreamworks' Monsters vs Aliens in 3D yesterday. I'm not a great fan of American animations, but the 3D factor had me interested :) It was much better than I had anticipated, apart from being visually amazing (perspectives galore!), it was also fun, humourous and did actually have a bit of a storyline.

Dreamworks' must have been watching some of Hayao Miyazaki films lately though. The big furry character called 'Insectosaurus' (you see him licking a window the film above) reminded me very, very much of Totoro in 'Tonari no Totoro' ('My Neighbour Totoro'). Looks-wise, this character also reminded me of 'Neko bus', also a character in 'Tonari no Totoro'. Especially at the end when all the characters were sitting on his back as he flew through the sky....



ただ・・ムシザウルスというキャラクターは、宮崎はやおの有名なキャラクターの二人、「トトロ」と「猫バス」が混じったキャラクターじゃないですか?! 映画の最後で、主要なキャラクターたちがムシザウルスの背中に座って、空に飛んでいた。隣のトトロの猫バスじゃん!(笑


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