End of the line.

3 years to 3 weeks.
I never wanted to go to University.
I considered it to be a waste of time in Graphic Design.
And then dreams of the future bullied me into going.

I may have moaned about the lack of organisation. (!)
I may have moaned about the lack of resources.
(Well, the resources are there, it's just that we are not allowed to use them. Makes sense.)
But my 3 years at University have been great. They have flown by.
I was lucky enough to be in a class full of great characters and designers.
I have learnt alot from the teachers and from the course.
I have learnt much more than Graphic Design.

3 years to 3 weeks.

Kinda sad.

Whats next?

Maybe JET.. maybe not.
Maybe TEFL.. maybe not.
Maybe Creative Artworking.. maybe not.

I don't like maybe's.

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