Its confirmed.

And its no surprise.

Japan is the least healthiest place in the world to work (via the Telegraph)

The work ethic where I did my internship was: don't work til 7pm when the work day is over. Then do plenty of overtime so you can get extra pay as well as not upsetting the boss by leaving before him.

...Don't worry about upsetting the boss cos your not doing any work when your supposed to, costing him time and money...

If I did that in England, I'd have been out of a job long ago.

Still, I'm prepared to go and live & work there again someday. Not for ever though..

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Heya karekora, hope you're well. I've finally found a job in Osaka. 3D design. First day today, taihen yooo, and my Japanese isn't even that good, hopefully wil lbe better though. They gave me a trial period of 3 months O_o, usually 1 month so I consider myself very lucky hehe.

Japan healthiest place to live eh? DOesnt surprise me haha :P