I want to be cool.... (haha)

I'm not a web designer. Talk to me about CSS Stylesheets and my brain fades over. But, I figure that in order for me to get any kind of decent job in London after graduation I'll need:
1. good contacts (which I have in Japan, but not in London, strangely)
2. good first appearances
3. good luck

In 99% of job advertisements they ask for samples of work. Seeing as most things are done online now, I set up my own webpage... However, even though I'm getting quite a few hits on it I don't feel as though its doing its job. For one, I dont think the Japanese text and English text is working together. It may put prospective English employers off, thinking I don't want to work for them. For another, the design is dull. And as first appearances count, especially in the world of design... my webpage doesnt cut it. They might like my work, but first I have to encourage them to want to go and click on the links to the side... At the moment I don't think its doing that.

I'm scared I'm going to get stuck in the same kind of situation I was in before I went to University. I'm still confused whether I want to be an Artworker or a Designer, but the idea of not being able to design anything again kind of makes me upset. ...But so does the prospect of no sleep, big bags and a beer belly.... Recently the prospect of being an Illustrator has also appealed to me... Even though that is a tough world, much tougher than Graphic Design.

Anyway, I'm looking for somewhere that I can buy a website from... cheap. Somewhere that, unlike wordpress, allows me to change the HTML as well as the CSS. Even better, somewhere that allows me to upload Flash files.

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PA さんのコメント...

I think, as you say, the Japanese on the site could confuse prospective employers. It's definitely a Japanese-focused site. How about an English version?
It also maybe needs some kind of 'goal' section. Or the type of work you're looking for. If this site's main goal is to encourage employers to give you a job then maybe you need to tell them what job you want - before they get to the CV that is. And rather than a very text heavy homepage, you could have more illustrations as links - like for work you could have one of your designs as the link, rather than text saying, 'work'.
As for websites my ithinkthereforejapan site is hosted by Lycos but I did all the coding in Dreamweaver...I'm not pro, but my brother who's done a few sites professionally, does the same...as for Flash I've got it but find it too difficult.
Hehe, just some ideas :-)
Good luck!

karekora さんのコメント...

I was thinking about having 2 sites - one in English, one in Japanese, but then it might get confusing, do I send the English version or the Japanese version to an English company in Japan... haha. So I'm gonna keep it to 2 languages on one site, but if I can work out how, I'd like to have a language button so you can switch between the two.. It can be done...somehow...

Ah~ I have so many ideas, if only I knew how to use Dreamweaver effectively! Good practise I guess...

How much is your Lycos website a year (hope you don't mind me asking)?

Koji さんのコメント...

How is
I think this company is cheapest.

I really hate adobe swallowed macromedia.
DW, Flash...etc became too much expensive!
(now, jpy80000, before less than jpy30000)
Im a japanese, to command these professional app, they are must be
japanese version. Even if I could find and get it from torrent, mostly english.
I would use only minimum function.

I think Flash is easier for your portfolio than DW unless you want to use action script.  

PA さんのコメント...

Course not!
I think I pay about £7 a month for the domain name, email, and various page building tools.
To be honest it's not too hard to learn the basics of CSS and HTML. But you might just end up with an average looking site like mine!