Gorgeous weather here in England

Extra strong winds and very heavy rain means lots of umbrellas are dying. My umbrella became a little bit disabled yesterday too. It hasn't got long to live.

This week hasn't really started off greatly. Yesterday I slept through my alarm, busted a gut in the wind and rain to try and get to work in time only for the underground to be not working because of the 'adverse weather conditions'. When I got to work I was flung from one job to the next I didn't know where I was and suddenly I was being given far more responsibility than I am paid for. I had no lunch and had to stay there until 8pm. Apparantely they expected me to stay later too, so they informed me today, but they never told me that yesterday. I can't be a mind reader. Work is.... grrr.

Today I go to Uni to work on my imovie project. After 4 hours of work my computer crashes. I'd saved my work so I wasn't bothered. I restarted to find... ALL MY FILES GONE! I wanted to cry. I redid what I done again and went to burn my work on a DVD. Nope. Not on Uni computers, they don't read DVDs or CDs. I try to put the work on my USB stick. It says it will take 40 minutes to copy over. I wait. In the 39th minute the computer says "Sorry, not enough room on the USB" and cancels. Why didn't it say so at the beginning?! I remove some things from my USB and try again. But this time the computer got stuck on 17 minutes. 10 minutes later the computer died completely through a powercut and I lost all my files again. Zilch left. Damn my Uni has great facilities.

What's up for tomorrow I wonder...

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